Yasmin Mattox

Raised in Harlem, by way of 145th and St.Nick, and educated at schools such as Hunter, Alfred University, and St. John Fisher College, Yasmin Mattox has greatly benefited from the opportunity she’s had to be immersed in different educational and cultural environments, and be exposed to a wealth of ideas from different vantage points. The maternal granddaughter of one of the first black Foreign Service Officers in the U.S., Yasmin’s exposure to cultural and foreign affairs instilled in her a relentless curiosity about and passion for various peoples, countries, and the similarities and differences that make the world so rich with culture. Coupled with her paternal lineage of political and social activism in Brooklyn, and nationally, to ensure equality, equity, and prosperity among all, Yasmin has always looked ahead at how she could work with others to create better future possibilities and outcomes. Trained in the social sciences, specifically Political Science and then International Affairs, Yasmin is a proponent of better understanding the global landscape and using a historical and interdisciplinary approach to more successfully anticipate what the future may bring, an approach she deploys regularly in her work, professionally and in her community. She’s worked in the legal, mental health, renewable energy (hydrogen fuel cell), research, and higher education fields. In 2017, she founded Arkatecht, a company creating digital professional advancement tools tailored to the needs and aspirations of working parents, so more can plan, design, and build the lives they truly want to lead, without the harsh work-life trade-offs.

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