Symone Lewis

As a Black mother of two young boys, an entrepreneur, and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of Illinois, my understanding of the importance of communication and the pitfalls of miscommunication in its many forms like not being seen, not being heard, being ignored, or misunderstood, led me to start a business for those who are, or striving to be confidently feminine. Shoulder Bare started out as one product that solved a problem. Barelastics is a discreet accessory that eliminates the frustration and embarrassment of having to tug at your shoulder sleeves to maintain your Off-The-Shoulder look. The “Why” of our company became more evident in our efforts to bring the product to market. What started as a simple product to solve a major problem some didn’t even know they had, became a mission to create and enhance products that promote and project the power of femininity. That mission is to strive for a solution to a larger maybe even global issue addressing women’s ability to attain power, to achieve their goals, to strive to be their best selves, and to make their dreams a reality. Our belief is that every human every woman has a right to have the same access and agency in their efforts to achieve their goals (unalienable rights?). Inequality in pay, inequality in promotion, inequality in education, inequality in health, inequality in funding are rooted in the lack of understanding, recognition, and celebration of feminine power. Our vision is in line with the efforts of social and women’s justice groups. We stand beside them sharing our understanding and message that beauty is power. Beauty is not a luxury it is a right. It is a right we all deserve. We all deserve to been seen, we all deserve to be seen for all the greatness and expanse within us. We promote the empowerment of women while providing the products and services to help women wield that power to advance their many and varied individual and group goals.

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