Kendra Woolridge

Founder & Donor

I'm a lover of nail polish, through and through. I created Janet & Jo. which is the namesake of my two grandmothers, out of my passion for polish and commitment to clean beauty. I have lost my mother and Grandma Jo. to cancer, so after learning of the toxic ingredients contained in nail polishes, I knew this was something I had to change. Most nail polishes contain toxic ingredients linked to cancer, reproductive and respiratory health issues and birth defects. Janet & Jo. nail lacquers use the stories behind the polish names to educate and inspire consumers, while providing a clean health conscious alternative to traditional polishes. Janet & Jo. nail lacquers are 10-Free, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free! This means they're free of 10 harmful ingredients found in traditional nail polishes, so you can enjoy beauty without consequence! 

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