Ingrid Asoni

Being a Cameroonian, Palestinian the drive to succeed, excel and rise from the ashes is almost imbedded in my blood, carved into my genetic makeup and programmed into my system mainframe. Understanding and navigating the world from two different cultural lenses has taught me to embrace the worlds people and all our differences. After almost a decade in fashion, events and PR I decided to take the biggest risk and start something that I was truly passionate about. Driven by a need to create a synergy between Travel & Philanthropy, I have spent the last few years developing a formula that allows your travel footprint to affect change, support growth & create hope. What better way than to leave a little part of yourself behind, every time you travel, simply by travelling. Consciously Connected focuses on Travel & Wellness with purpose. crafting, creating & cultivating the most culturally rich & locally immersive experiences. Every time you travel with us- either through our Travel Design service, Culturally Connected experiences or wellness workshops, a % is donated to a local project, charity or community, and a tree is planted to help combat your carbon footprint. We aim to create a community of Conscious travellers, promoting positivity & rediscovery of self, curious to expand on your perception of the world beyond your doorstep. I value the importance in authentic, connected travel, thus global traditions are shared to help break down social barriers. Travelling with us is about discovering the world through a new lens & rediscovering yourself in the process.

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