Sasha Loriene Mc Clain

Hi! I'm Sasha-Loriene, a contemporary artist & founder of BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT (BGWP). Did you know… the further I progressed in my art journey, the less I saw myself reflected in the arts community? After taking a step back, I realized that I never saw myself in the art world, even as a child. In fact, the reason I waited until adulthood to actively share my artwork or pursue anything art related was because I didn’t see myself. I thought I couldn’t be an artist with a sustainable career so I never tried. Years later, I found myself stuck in a unfulfilling career & decided to be the change I wanted to see — creating an ecosystem of Black women artists. So on September 4, 2017, BGWP was born as a safe space for Black women artists to share their art & their story. Little did I know, I cultivated the community I needed as an actual Black girl who paints & now the next can see herself, believe in herself, & inspire others to do the same!

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