Chinonye Akunne

My name is Chinonye Akunne, the Founder and CEO of ILERA Apothecary, an African Beauty brand that specializes in plant-based ingredients. Using my chemistry background, I created a gender-neutral personal groom system for multi-generational shoppers who are prone to dry, flaky skin. One thing I am passionate about is access to healthcare and economic upward mobility in marginalized communities. One great way I have been able to integrate this passion with ILERA Apothecary is by partnering with local and international non-profit organizations in providing direct funding, in-kind donations, or mentorship. In 2015, I founded ILERA Apothecary for people like myself who have dull dry skin due to aging and environmental exposures. In some people, this may show up as rough, flaky skin or in more severe cases, eczema. The education behind the development of our products is designed to be used as a complementary system. For example, if a customer has eczema we’d recommend they use one of our Hydrating Body Washes to cleanse and hydrate their skin, followed by our Moisturizing Body Butters to seal in the moisture preventing cracked dry skin, and the Revitalizing Night Oil to prevent facial wrinkles caused from free radicals created by environmental exposures.  We want our customers to feel confident in their skin knowing they are using the best ingredient to for their skin and the environment.

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