Alon Otis

Alon fell in love with wellness while working at a juice bar in downtown Detroit during her senior year of high school. Excited by the new experience, she landed another job at a juice bar in Chicago’s South Loop while earning her B.A in Music Business Management at Columbia College Chicago. The education she gained from these positions provided her with the foundation to live an entirely plant- based lifestyle. She noticed that friends and family back home often scoffed at the idea of veganism. Out of curiosity, she began researching the disconnect between minorities (black and brown communities especially) and veganism. She found that minorities in America have disproportionate cases of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer due to socioeconomic injustices that allow many impoverished communities across the nation to be food deserts where only fast food options exist for the residents. Alon also took heed to the astronomical price gap between over-processed foods advertised to minorities and the nutritious foods offered in abundance to affluent neighborhoods. The intense and detrimental effect these issues have on her community impelled Alon to found The Beet Box. She combined her love of music with her love of wellness to create a brand that communities like the one she was raised in can enjoy and afford.

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