Shana Vieira

Shana is passionate about helping consumers achieve true efficiency and sustainability in their everyday lives. Through her passion for organization, Shana developed her first Web App, ClosIT in 2017, which was meant to help women feel less stressed and to conquer the day, beginning with the simple organization of their closets. But during initial public surveys (1,500+), and subsequent user trials and testing, Shana discovered a broader need for digital solutions that assist with household organization and personal inventory management. In 2018 Shana began work to develop INVY, a holistic inventory optimization tool to help users digitally manage their belongings, anywhere at any time. INVY is a wholistic omni-channel app that simultaneously seamlessly integrates users home inventory with retail experiences, insurance, and resale. With a digital inventory, we can save time, reduce stress, save money, and make a little bit of profit back. But most importantly - we aim to make it easier for consumers to live more sustainably. Prior to founding INVY, Shana developed extensive experience in marketing, strategic planning, and program management through a variety of leadership roles in sectors such as online gaming, non-profit fundraising, infrastructure planning and development, civic engagement, emerging tech product roll-out, and public relations crisis management. She has lead teams in devising strategies and implementing plans for major event productions like the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival and three-day concert series, live broadcast gaming programming, community relations for the 2.2 billion dollar Capital Crossings development, and politically charged community engagement effort for the New York Nets Stadium under the leadership of Forest City Ratner.

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