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World Media Empire


Meet the Founder


Hello, I’m Asia McGee Founder and President of World Media Empire and Best Biz TV I’m excited to present our Television media conglomerate to you we provide high quality broadcast level content for a fraction of the cost larger media companies charge. While having content that is on the same level as a Network program, we provide that same entertainment at significantly lower cost. We also provide a more detail product spotlight of products through interviews giving more value for the dollar to companies. Our Target Audience is a range from Women, Men, Kids, Teens, Mom's and more. We are hands down the largest black women-owned, self-financed content creators in the world. We have over 100 TV Series geared to all demographics we have hundreds of celebrities on our programs. AD Revenue from Brands Walmart, McDonald's, and big ad agencies. We are lining up advertisers for our 2020 launch of 24-Hour channels on AT&T Entertainment/Direct TV and DISH TV (a total of 1 Million ad spots). We have distribution agreements for NBCUniversal channels and FOX TV. We approach Fortune 500 Companies and ad agencies with our content to place advertisements, commercials, product spotlights, in our media and TV Series. Some big-name advertisers that have given us written interest range from Walmart, Toyota, McDonald's to MTV and many more. Our goal is to provide business entertainment of all segment and demographics. We have dozens of Different TV series geared to adults’ teens and children. They range from Entertainment TV, Business TV, Teen TV and pre-teen TV. Our content is available for all platforms, Television, Film, Social Media and the Internet. We have over 20 letters of interest and meetings from Fortune 500 companies and their marketing department to do advertising and product placement within our TV series. We are currently establishing a partnership with Bill Gates new media company Branded Entertainment Network.

Great Presentation. God's speed.

- Torrey Price

Blessings on your journey

- Adeola Pollard