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Vernee Hines

Meet the Founder

Vernee Hines

UpBrainery is an educational technology software powered by AI, coupled with a neuroscience research based curriculum that boasts a one of a kind Technology Ecosystem with a solution for ALL stakeholders. Using never before developed Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, UpBrainery provides a cutting edge learning experience for students and a technology solution for schools, districts and corporations to reach students and provide learning on a level previously unattainable. UpBrainery is different because we have in house teams that expertly design educational journeys coupled with a child's learning styles, and a software that is designed to provide feedback, metrics and engagement all along the way. The skill assessment tracking and smart badges, provide individualized paths thus allowing a child to experience learning in a confidence building environment. Whether used at home environment or in a school setting, our platform removes the bias from education that has historically been present and allows students who have been historically underserved, underrepresented, and ignored to experience learning in the ways their counterparts always have. Our educational hands on experiential kits allow us to reach students on their level and provide them with a learning experience that may otherwise be unattainable. Through hands-on experiences and real world connections our learning opens eyes and doors to a world outside of what marginalized students have typically been provided. It truly levels the playing field. UpBrainery was founded by two women of color from two completely opposite walks of life with the common goal of reaching all students and eliminating the biases found in traditional learning. Our purpose is to transform the face of education By Providing cutting edge and innovative teaching tools to disrupt the current state of education Create targeted educational and career goals for students starting from an early age Remove bias from education in regards to socio-economic status, gender and race Make learning FUN, personalized and engaging Educate every child and enable every parent to provide their child the opportunity to reach their potential

This concept is a great idea!

- Christy Abercrombie

Awesome job! Keep it up

- Muzahir Ahmad

Love the kits! I got a chance to make my own speaker!

- Hamza Holmes

Great idea, especially with the lockdown.

- Hamza Holmes

Great idea!

- Gordon Holmes

Cool idea!

- Haider Murray

Way to go! So glad to see you guys get some recognition.

- Nisa Barok

Very impactful and the pitch was very moving

- Huang Le

Good luck and congrats!!

- Tiffany Webb

Love y’all!

- Arianna Sara

Keep up the good work!

- Shericka Phillips

Keep up the amazing work!

- Sedell Hawkins

Love you guys

- Lisa Roberts

Super dope concept

- Jay Johnson

Website not clear on donation of $5 gets you a vote.

- Anisha Malik


- Shazia Viceer

Ms. Hines you are an inspiration for all of us!

- Sangria Wilde

Go Vernee go! -Pov

- Pov B