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Two Dough Girls

Traci And Kelley

Meet the Founder

Traci And Kelley

We are Traci and Kelley, a sister duo baking company! We aim to take some of the guilt out of guilty pleasures by introducing the community to cleaner, more sustainable ways of doing business and using real whole ingredients in our baked goods.

Good luck today! Mat God bless all of your endeavors!

- Sophia Thompkins

I absolutely love your idea!

- Marilyn Guilty

Can’t wait to taste

- Nola Jean

Love your idea, love your product. Good job and shout out to you! Only advice is to not read off the paper when you present, but I’m happy to be able to chip in a bit and support your wonderful business. Good luck with everything. I will definitely spread the word about what you guys are doing. Yum!

- Brianna Chambers


- Justin Dawkins


- Lee Campbell

Completely inspired by your active response to your father’s health issues. Your cookies are SO F-ING GOOD!!

- Kierra Powell

Wonderful presentation! Continue to work hard and know that your ambition has and will continue to pay off!!!

- Zekarias Solomon

Keep jumping g into it :) lol

- Michelle Clark

You deserve this and so much more. I got you! Sending you lots of love and positive vibes. Go get it!

- Cam Swank

I love your passion

- Tavoya Conover

I intentionally sold your products at Just Add Honey last year (and bought them). It’s not a lot, but I hope it help toward your growth.

- Nalah Garcia Walker