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sySTEMic flow

Jessica Sanon

Meet the Founder

Jessica Sanon

I am a STEM advocate and a Leadership Trainer for STEM professionals.

- Takeyah Young

Calc sucked. I'm with you! Make STEM more easily attainable!

- Victor Wang

Fantastic job!

- Ope Bukola


- Dayou Frank

What a great idea! Can’t believe in Boston that calculus is not offered in high school. Must be the public schools.

- Nelly Gedeon

Great job!!!

- Crystal Li

I am in STEM as well. Wish you the best!

- Baindu Kalokoh

Great job Jessica! #stem

- Adwoa Asare

Nice work!

- Donna Sanders

Congratulations would love to connect about young girls transitioning with periods

- Vanessa Siverls