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Ehime Eigbe

Meet the Founder

Ehime Eigbe

Sweetkiwi makes the best tasting, low calorie whipped greek yogurt using real milk sourced locally from grass fed cows and real ingredients. Our ingredient based method of crafting our product allows us to create an irresistible product in amazing flavours, we go to great lengths to ensure local sourcing and traceability. All our whipped greek yogurt are under 320 calories per pint yet it tastes amazing and packed with 20g of protein & millions of probiotics. We are currently sold in grocery stores such as Whole Foods Market, Dawsons Market, Yes Organic, Street Market, Union Kitchen Grocery, Glen's Garden Market. We take the stress out of dessert eating!

The sky’s the limit Ehi!

- Dee Dee George

Looking forward to getting some sweets!

- Shelly Thunder

Excellent presentation - I am confident you will go far!

- Anita Campion

Reach for the stars Ehime!

- Michael Akindele

Forward Ever

- Dolapo Majekodunmi

Great pitch!!! Amazing product!!!

- Isi Horak

Blessings always!!

- Adeyanju Adewale

Congrats on building an amazing company!

- Whitney Osei Akintaju

Rock it out!

- Seng Sidavong

Great Product. Congrats!

- Tem Adeyemo


- Oby Osuigwe

Keep soaring, Ehime!

- Lade Ogunbona

Congratulations! Love the vanilla and chocolate flavors! Continue pushing!

- Franciel Dawes

I Love SweetKiwi

- Mmitonline Mmitonline

Congratulations Ehi! So rooting for you πŸ™πŸ½πŸ‘πŸΎ

- Irene Dele

Great work Ehime.

- Abiodun Power

Ehime, keep up your great work πŸ‘πŸΎ!

- Oghie Ojior

Great pitch Ehime!!

- Osikhena Ojior

Go Ehime! It's Esi

- Esi Evbakhavbokun


- Imhoertha Ojior

Go sweetkiwi!!!!! πŸ₯³

- Emike Ojior

Go Sweetkiwi! Great pitch

- Osamede Evbakhavbokun

Fantastic products!!

- Jade Bruce


- Chiamaka Ezeanya

Well Done Aunty Ehime! Sweet Kiwi to the World 🀩

- Toma Talks

Your momentum and expertise is amazing! Keep soaring! And wonderful pitch!

- Christine S

Love seeing what you've done with Sweet Kiwi!

- Joy George

Love the pitch + story and I’m rooting for you!

- Tysha Tolbert

Excellent Pitch! Best wishes and Success Ehime

- Torera Banjo

Keep soaring. Best wishes always

- Shuranosuki Baron

Well done Ehime. Great pitch.

- Motolani Shoda

Love SweetKiwi...Gret pitch. All the best Ehime!

- Oyelade E

My Favorite Yoghurt and Founder! You're a winner!

- Pej Onile Ere

Hey! Boss,

- Olusola Odejide

Well done Ehime, All the best

- Tayo Sonubi

Ehime for the win!!!

- Edward Folarin

Shoot for the stars!!!

- Nancy Ouch

Amazing products, amazing pitch!

- Will Smith

Best Wishes!

- Que O

Love Sweet Kiwi! The best yogurt ever. My favorite is the chocolate hazelnut. Must try!

- Bukola Are

Blessings always! Up and forward!

- Stella Monica Mpande

Way to go Ehime!

- Biodun Shoyomi

Wow! So impressive! Hope you win.

- Moyosola Onileere

Love your product! So happy for you!

- Brown Rachel

Keep up the amazing work Ehi!!!

- Shaquela Barrance

Go Ehis !!! We love sweetkiwi ❀️

- Majesta Ojior

Love you!!

- Chimele Uriri

Congrats on everything Ehi. Keep soaring

- Elizabeth Osho

As always you inspire. Keep shining. Ada x

- Ada Mma

See you at the top, Sweetkiwi!!

- Osioke Ojior

Super proud of you Ehime!!

- Michelle Ogunbode

Voting on behalf of Addie of BCG! She wishes you good Luck Ehi!!

- Michelle Ogunbode

Love seeing women thrive in their purpose. You got this ❀️

- Chika Uwazie

Great taste and worth the crave

- Adeyoyin Esaka

I love Sweet Kiwi ❀️

- Labo Odukoya


- Sade Sade

Sounds awesome!

- David Blackwell

Wish you greater heights!

- Babajide Phillips

Great brand and great team, your going to kill it!

- Adie Akuffo

I fully support your vision of helping people stay healthy while enjoying their delectable delights

- Johnson Akindele

I am extremely proud of you and cannot wait for SweetKiwi products to be available in a grocery stores nationwide. Good luck!!!

- Ajibola Morakinyo

Ice cream.

- Mike Mike

Ah....Ehime my dear, may your sweet kiwi endeavors prosper in Jesus name. Amen. Keep up the good work, You're doing great.

- Pastor Rhoda Bajomo Akindele

Super proud of you Ehime!

- Remi Adeyemo

Good Luck

- Tunde Akinyemi

Can't wait to try it!

- Hari Chan

Best wishes and much success!

- S Winn

Go Ehi! You got this sis :)

- Rachel Johnson

You are a winner!!!!

- Feggy Eigbe


- Jordan Aina

Taking this home for Sweetkiwi. #Team Sweetkiwi repping

- Christie Oham

Great job Ehime, so proud of my daughter.

- Ebehi Eigbe


- Christopher Eigbe

Great job cuz

- Fegiro Eigbe

Awesome - Mike

- Mike Johnson

Awesome Founder, she got it from her mama

- Juliana Eigbe

Go Ehime, we need you to spread that Sweet Kiwi wonder to as many people that are craving that sweet healthy mix, even if they might not know it yet.

- Christian A

Congrats Ehime. You are very hardworking, and I'm so proud of all the progress you have made. Love you...

- Okiemute Odeghe