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Rose Glow Tea Room

Fallon Keplinger

Meet the Founder

Fallon Keplinger

My story starts with stress and anxiety. Add to that painful periods, after-workout aches, restless nights, and often taking on too much. Then the pandemic came and my anxiety went through the roof! As a special education teacher I know that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in America. One third of the population that struggles with anxiety don’t receive help. This could be due to a number of factors including, stigma. What if anxiety could be eased by simply having a cup of tea? This is why I started my company. Our mission at Rose Glow Tea Room is to give anyone experiencing stress or anxiety time to hit the reset button while enjoying our CBD teas with poise, grace and elegance.

You're doing an amazing job!

- Debra Keplinger

Fallon, Great job!!

- Tom Serwatka

Keep reaching for the stars!

- Debra Keplinger

keep fighting the good fight! you were great. as I expected

- Sean Murray

So proud of you! I know you’re going to do wonderfully!!

- Krysta Junkins

So proud of you Fallon!

- Maureen Jones

I'm so very proud of you, Fallon. You have worked so hard

- Myrna Keplinger

Best product ever!!!!

- Jacquelyn Mendoza


- Sheila Murray

We all need help with stress and anxiety!

- Ann Nguyen

Great Job!

- Brian Keplinger

So proud of you chica!

- Jatonne Trianna

Great presentation Fallon!

- Bethany Keplinger

Excellent pitch! You do such a good job! You were amazing! And I learned a lot too! —Beth

- Elizabeth Jones

I want to try some of your teas!

- Anita Campion

Great job, Fallon! Looks like a terrific product!

- Margaret Murray

Excellent presentation while educating the benefits of your tea!

- Makema Turner


- Joel John

Congrats on building an amazing company!

- Whitney Osei Akintaju

You and your company are going places. You've accomplished so much in a short amount of time. Keep it up, I am excited to see where you go next!

- Sean Jones

Fallon, you have a great pitch and a great product. Congratulations!

- Eileen Murray

Good luck! ❤

- Brian Anthony

Great presentation and product.

- Bethany Keplinger

Love your tea!

- Bethany Keplinger

You have so much to share with the world!

- Debra Keplinger

I continue to support Rose Glow Tea room and use the awesome products because they have truly helped me manage my busy busy life as a mom,full-time worker, part-time hair stylist, and grad school work. I also can tell that the owner is genuine and fully invested in the mission of this company. Keep up the great work:)

- Vernae Moore

Fallon, what a great job! I liked the way you connected your product to struggles that many people are experiencing these days. I also liked the very calm aesthetics of your presentation and your products. I'd like to hear more about what kind of teas the CBD is added to. Good luck! You are a winner in my book!

- C Murray