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Rendered Inc.

Saba Tshibaka

Meet the Founder

Saba Tshibaka

Rendered Inc. is a 100% Women-owned, Black-owned, College student-run social impact business that works to sell unique apparel vended from thrift stores & consignment stores in an effort to raise awareness about the environmental impact of the fashion industry. We work to provide our customers with the knowledge to make the most sustainable and affordable choices in their everyday lives, while serving them the facts and figures on exactly what they’re investing in. Tonight, we're asking for funding to ramp up sales because in the next six months we'll be expanding Rendered to another DMV campus! We understand the implications of wanting to be fashionable and environmentally-conscious, and we're here to help!

Fantastic job!

- Rahel K

You’re AMAZING! And you “rendered me speechless” (smile)

- Kr Brown

I love you!

- Saba Tshibaka

Amazing! Can’t wait to see where you go :)

- Jasmine Snead

- B Michelle

Great idea

- Rakia Finley

Stay focused

- Lisa W

Great job

- Marc Baker

You did a great job Saba! I am proud! We got some very good feedback and there is so much growth and fortune to look forward to in the future!

- Kelli Webber

Never tell your age ☺️- let them wonder and be surprised

- Leona Dunn