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P/S: Make It Right

Christina Wright

Meet the Founder

Christina Wright

We can either choose to live in the problems created by generations before us, OR we can choose to develop long-lasting solutions for generations to come. That's why we launched, "P/S: Make It Right," an umbrella diversity and inclusion academy focused on social literacy and systemic change. P/S stands for, "Problem OR Solution." Under the "problem" arm, we dissect and digest the problems facing our society. Under the "solution" arm, we study civic engagement that propels equitable and people-driven communities. Our courses, advising and consulting services for public charities make diversity and inclusion conversations more relatable through media (fiction and non-fiction) and other popular culture references, moving away from stale mandatory training and consulting. Please join me in creating the world some wished we lived in and others THOUGHT we did? It's been 400 years; we simply don't have any more time to waste.

You got this!

- Ciara Mercado

Thanks for working to make real change!!!

- Naomi Mc Kell

Cheering you on!

- Sherrie Marshall

Tina for the win!

- Launina Williams

We are beyond excited about you on the strength and courage on your commitment related to systemic change! P/S Make It Right is just what we need! Peace, Love and Blessings~Judy, John and Jala McDaniel

- John Mc Daniel

Yes, we can make a difference!

- Brooke Sinclair

You've got this Christina!!!

- Kimberly Evans

You’ve got this!

- Cam Franklin

You are amazing, YOU GOT THIS!

- Victoria De La Guardia

So exciting! The world needs you! Thanks for being you 💖

- Larita Jarvis

Let's Make It Right!

- Cat Mc Phaul

Yes! What a great idea.

- Audrey Caro

Best wishes

- Dr Lauren K Simmons

Keep pushing - good luck!

- David Happe

May God bless you! 💞🤗🙏🏼

- D Carol Stringer

Christina is amazing!

- Charreah Charreah


- Eric Simmons

So overjoyed for you! I love this Mexican Zebra! Shine on!

- Tv Hilary

Go Tina!

- Cecilia Mc Phaul

You go this!

- Joya Crear

An amazing concept that we NEED right now!

- Wright Sisters

Best wishes!!

- Amber Coleman


- Lari Jarvis

Best of luck!

- Farren Hinton

Congrats Christina! I can’t wait to see all of the great work you will do with this!

- La Wann Moses

So proud of you! Stay awesome 3rd floor bestie❤️

- Ashley Tyson


- Hilda Coleman

Good luck!

- Rena M

Great concept for diversity and inclusion purposes that can really promote tough and needed discussion, especially during this time.

- Briana D

I am so proud and impressed that you would charter these waters. May this work be life changing for all.

- La Quita Carter

Blessings to you, Christina

- Debra Garner

Good Luck Sus! 👍🏾

- Berbeth Taylor

Go Ms. Christina! -Dean

- La Gina Harris

Thank you for being a guest on the LaRae Infinity Let's Talk Podcast. Your story is amazing and we can't wait to see P/S... making it right!!

- Let's Talk

I believe in you!!! -mimi

- Miona Short

Good Luck, Christina

- Ingrid Sturgis

You go Tina!

- Ricardo Tamayo

Way to go!!!

- Imani Schectman

Keep pushing! Change the script!

- Rossa Robinson

You Go Girl!!

- Leanna Fisher

Good night!

- Sean Mosley

Congratulations on your pitch!! Wishing nothing but the best in all that you do!

- Kendra Woolridge

Reach for the stars and don’t let no one hold you down❤️

- Ginger Sarabia

You have the training I wish our West Texas teachers could get!

- Regina Harris

Christina's passion for this matches many of us former journalists, including yours truly. She's right, some of the complexities P/S is focusing should be basic. But it takes an extraordinary person like Christina to execute a plan like this.

- Joe Dexter

I completely love the structure and freshness of this program compared to any other I have used or seen!

- Quynn Folkes

How excited I am for you! Love the video and mission you are on! Wishing you the best of luck and regardless of the outcome, you are a true winner! Happy to support! -La'Trevia H.

- La'trevia Hawkins

Your business is truly a purpose!

- Queen Of Spades Style

Barbara Jones

- Barbara Jones

Make it right!!

- Kenisha Coleman

Best wishes in this endeavor.

- John Mcdaniel

You got this! (And we've got you)

- Eric Dawson

Whew! I did it! Lol! Congratulations sis!! I hope you accomplish every goal you set in life!

- Arneatha Wright

I believe in your vision Christina!

- D. Beth Enrique Griffith

Yes Christina! Make it right because we do not have anymore time! Your energy is infectious! Super proud of you!

- Tiffany Allen

Continue to shine your light bright! The world needs P/S: Make It Right

- Karren E Henderson

You did so well! Proud of you!!!!! -Glory

- Glory Ojiere

Excited to see this project take off!

- Sontera Mader


- Sontera2 Mader

We’re rooting for you!!!

- Stacey Watson

Awesome idea Christina!

- Kelly Simpson

Happy to discuss leveraging my network to amplify if helpful! Keep up the amazing work!

- Marquita Jaramillo

You've got this!! You're about to embark on some amazing opportunities!!!

- Tiffani Butler

The time is now! Let’s do this...

- Launina Williams