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Tiffany Shelly

Meet the Founder

Tiffany Shelly

Hello, my name is Tiffany Shelly. I am a full time licensed cosmetologist and founder of Last Minute Hair. Last Minute Hair, founded in February of 2019, is a delivery service exclusively catering to the beauty industry. We make it easy for local beauty supply stores and beauty creators to market and sell their merchandise directly to consumers through our mobile app. In addition to that, we provide on-demand delivery from B2C (business to consumer), in just one hour or less. I came up with this concept after years of being frustrated while restocking supplies. I regularly travel to different beauty supply stores, in the search of the right hair or product, and it was a real pain most times. I saw my fellow beauty professionals and clients alike also have trouble finding supplies, especially in the middle of a hair appointment and thought there has to be a better way. The alternative was to scour the internet for products and wait for 3 to 5 business days for an item needed right now, or worst improvise. I decided, enough is enough. I wanted something that not only would bring convenience to consumers, but also assist small beauty businesses within the community by helping to increase visibility and profit. I am looking for help to bring this complete game-changer to the market. With your help, we can create a movement that will completely transform the beauty industry as we know it and create more jobs for local residents. We are currently building out the mobile application for beta testing the prototype can be viewed in full on our website. Users interested in joining our waitlist can text "HairNow" to 888111. Thank you for stopping by.

You were the most articulate and prepared to answer questions with adequate stats

- Tamika Smith

Tiffany has the best pitch of the night

- Kiya Thurman

Love the idea! You should connect with House of Melanin Beauty Supply in Oak Park. It’s a black owned beauty supply store with only black owned hair products. I’m

- Keesha Vinson

Proud of you.

- Tamarra Will

Girl, I had to drive to the westside once to get hair cuz my hair lady forgot the weave, whew child.

- Jace Ross

Girl you are a God Send for women! Love this idea! Much success to you!

- Ashley Mc Gaughy

Great pitch and innovate service much needed in the African-American community. Best of luck on your net venture!

- Chi Chi Ohiri

Great presentation. God's speed

- Torrey Price

Great pitch! Looking forward to seeing this in the future.

- Kacey Mullen

Awesome sis!!!

- Samantha Adjekum

You are amazing!! Such a smart concept and you presented so well. Best pitch all night

- Michelle Hudson

Doordash for hair professionals. CONGRATULATIONS

- Eunice Smith

Great presentation

- Tomiya Eastlin

Good luck!

- Kendall Reynolds

Great idea. Is Amazon a concern?

- Jen Tutu

Blessings on your journey

- Adeola Pollard

You are wonderful, unique and talented!

- Sandra Jackson

Great job! Can't wait to use the app!

- Patricia Riley

Go head, New Best Friend. Absolutely wonderful idea... @SistaTV loves you!

- Senam Amegashie

Great Idea!!!

- Welugewe Aningo

Nerds will love it if you use the term Just in Time. it's a compiler joke. you're pitch sounded the most technically difficult to implement. Good luck!

- Justin Barnowski


- Bella Love

Love the concept and idea of your business. I believe in your vision and want you to achieve beyond your dreams. Keep your vision alive and continue to ask for the business.

- Elizabeth Osondu

This idea was very detailed and very needed

- Elizabeth Adebanjo