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LAMIK Beauty

Kim Roxie

Meet the Founder

Kim Roxie

Good Luck Kim ❤️

- Dana Goosby

Good luck Kim!

- Ashlei Harris


- E Dreaka Roscoe


- Dawn Callahan

LAMIK is from community, FOR community. Proud to support!

- Teri Moss

All the Best! Love LAMIK products and Kim

- Ashley Martin

Best wishes!!

- Moncy Hawkins

I love her passion for helping women!

- Charles Wiggins

Good luck!!

- Ayanna Conley


- Office Staff

LAMIK is an amazing brand with the BEST products and such a talented, driven CEO at the helm! Let’s go!

- Karissa Rendon

We love LAMIK 💘

- Tiffany Townsend

A change agent for the community, for women of color, paving the way for black girls around the world💜

- Astoria Stubbs

Love you, Lamik!

- Sheena Collier

Love LAMIK and it's founder, Kim Roxie

- Tanya Perkins

Good luck Kim!

- Chanel Cathey

LAMIK all the way!

- Tonya Roscoe

Keep making a difference in our lives! All love!

- Brooke Vallaire

My wife loves your products! Good luck 👍🏽

- Office Staff

Best of luck Kim/LAMIK. Love you.

- Dixie Nichols

Go girl! So proud of you!

- Tanya Easter

We love Kim Roxie and LAMIK!

- Sonya Destin

I love the products and the founder is amazing!!!

- Lisa Stillwell

You Rock LAMIK

- Earnestine Johnson

LAMIK Beauty is a true asset to our community.

- Tangela Russ

LAMIK is essential! Thanks for helping to reveal our beauty❤️

- Gretta Irchirl

Girl You Got This!!!! Congratulations

- Shantaquilette Carter

I ❤️ Lamik Products

- Deandre Stringfellow

Kim inspires others with her meaningful business and giving back to the community.

- Linda Toyota


- Michaela Vincent

Rooting for your Win, Kim! Love LAMIK Lady Kristina

- Mrs. Kristina Cox

I will always support ❤

- Jeanette Hutchins

I love what Lamik stands for and I love the heart and passion of the founder Kim. Quality products by a quality founder. So proud of the evolution of the brand and look forward to witness it’s continued growth and expansion.

- Chimere Taylor


- Vicki Semander

My Pleasure- KEEP RISING!!

- Diannetta Chargois

Kim is the epitome of Love And Makeup In Kindness. It’s amazing to know we have makeup as natural as the food we eat.

- Shareca Vallaire


- Donna B

The best beauty line for women and the owner makes sure you feel loved with every application/purchase.

- Irishea Hilliard

Love And Makeup In Kindness (LAMIK) perfectly describes Kim Roxie and her products! Her innovative mind, using technology to improve the self-image and self-care of women, is unparalleled.

- Carol Guess

Let’s Go Lamik!

- Ashley Cockrell

Keep soaring!

- Ruby Reynolds

LAMIK products have been amazing for my skin

- Jeanell R

Kim- You are an inspiration! Beauty inside and out!

- Tiffany Dorsey

Keep going Kim! We believe in you!

- Candace Strother


- Shalawn Scott Willis

I LOVE LAMIK BEAUTY!!! It’s so rare & raw !!

- Dannigirl Skinfood


- Tc Mack


- Dixie Nichols

I'm rooting for you!!

- La Tasha Tasha


- Betty Mb

Love you niece

- Jamillah Vallare

Go Kim, keep pressing forward and shining like the Queen you are!

- Michelle Dalzon

I voted Edith

- Edith Mikell

Love your product and energy!

- Christina Wright

Go KIM!!!!

- Fena Fenelon


- Tumarrow Lucas

Always wishing you the best Kim! Soar!

- Mena Freeman

Thanks for your vision

- Lequita Hamm

We absolutely love Kim and all of the work she does in the Community!!!

- Jacquie Parish


- Dr. Bridget Hilliard

All the best to the best!!!

- Keshla Fuller

Good luck!!

- Reda Hicks

Love, Love, Kim passion and products. I am honored to be able to support her!

- Audrey Gilmer

Love your products

- Barbara Brown

You have changed the entire Beauty Industry. Congratulations You Always Win

- Julia Hogan Mc Neil

Sending Blessing

- Vanessa Baines

Here’s to Kim Roxie and LAMIK! Supporting you sis!

- Doss Couture

Wishing you great success!!! Love ya!!

- Toni Hutto

Love the products

- Glenda Thomas

- Shonte Williams

#TeamLAMIK 💖

- Ashleigh Vernon

derrick williams supports you

- Derrick Williams

Phenomenal Woman... That’s You!

- Angela Jones

Good luck Kim, proud of you!

- Alexandria Green

I am SO proud to respond LAMIK Beauty when asked "Who made your power red lipstick?". We wear masks in public, but in Team/Zoomville I rock my power red lip! Courtesy of Kim Roxie

- Sakina Lanig

Blessings to you!

- Keisha Johnson

Praying God’s continual grace and favor for you and your organization!

- Kim Wilson Kately

Good Luck!

- Melanie Moye

She is wonderful!

- Shirley Taylor

Best wishes.

- James Pitre

Continued blessings! LAMIK Beauty for the win!

- Brandy Guidry

Congratulations wishing you all the best

- Neketa Ross

Thank you Beautiful for EVERYTHING you do❣

- Annette Sanford

Wishing you success Kim!

- Tamanisha Casey

Go Kim Roxie!!! 💕

- Kim Floyd

So proud of you -keep striving!

- Latonya Spriggs

Believing the best for you!!! #Ladies Who Lamik!!!

- Salle Kelly

You go girl!

- Ashley Turner

Congratulations Kim! You inspire the world! Keep soaring!

- Cynthia Boykin

Good Luck Kim! I am so very proud of you! #BlackGirlMagic

- Rochelle Brown

She's the Best at what she does, after all she is : LoveAndMakeupInKindness

- Christal Mercier

This company is genuine and authentic. Kim Roxie is one of a kind!

- Nicole Mosley


- Sheldon Spriggs

You rock...blessings!

- Barbara Curtis

Awesome service! Does not disappoint.

- Camille Stocker

I loved my’s on point and just a bomb! Thank you Lamik Beauty

- Sylvia Saahene

Miss Kim did my eyelashes and my sister's eyebrows and boy, we got compliments everywhere we went. She is awesome at what she does and very professional too. Will definitely be going back to her. Thank you Lamik Beauty

- Vera Pani

Love Kim's products. #ladieswholamik

- Lenora Crews

Good Luck Lamik Beauty!

- Marissa Ruffin

Congratulations Kim! Now let’s take it all the way!

- Billie Hilliard

May God continue to bless your business as you bless God's women

- Pamela Mc Daniel

Love the make up and rooting for LAMIK!!!

- Regina Clarke

Blessings and Love to you on your path!

- Sharon Scott

Congratulations! You got this♥️

- Iva Jarmon

Way to go Kim!

- Veronica Devonish

Beauty is REVEALED, not applied. Go Kim & Team Lamik!

- Toni Grant

I support LAMIK! Clean beauty for my brown skin!

- Sherrell Ogletree

Go for it all!

- Kalish Nesbitt


- Tamika Fletcher

We declare "Extreme" success for you, Kim...with love from Eric & Elaine and J5 - Houston's Extreme Makeover Family!

- Elaine Johnson

Good luck!

- Carol Houston

Good luck!!

- Tanesia Fisher

Congratulations, Kim! You are a phenomenal woman...keep going!

- Melissa Alexis

Good luck, Kim! We're rooting for you!! Xo, Team Cloud 9 Easy Go

- Cloud 9 Easy Go

BEAUTYful brand mission and founder!

- Lyndsay Levingston

Kim! So proud of you and everything you've created.

- Nicole Van Lun


- Carolyn Davis

Ladies Who LAMIK!

- Jewell Coleman

So proud of you ❤️

- Saundra Davis

Always a pleasure to support!

- Sheila Lewis

Love Lamik products and Kim. She is a SHERO of the community. Truly a change agent!!

- Kemberley Chaffold

It's hard to meet Kim and not immediately fall into her corner. She's inspiring, focused, and tenacious about building the company, and she's endlessly passionate about serving her customers. That energy is translating into a growing army of loyal fans that adore her and the LAMIK lineup.

- Abe Chu

I LOVE this brand! Give me the brow kit and hot tips any day. Thanks for all you do to make our community stronger, Kim Roxie!

- Karla Aghedo

Kim is a visionary with a remarkable brand that I love, value and support...Ladies Who LAMIK! ✨

- Nicole Armstrong

Congratulations and Cyber Hugs💜

- Cynthia Patterson

Kim's light is infectious and her brand is impeccable. I love LAMIK!

- Tawanna Marsh

Good Luck Kim

- Jodia Vanel

Much love, Beauty!!

- Niki Mc Kinney

Love you Kim! - Kayla Starr 💖

- Kayla Simmons

Blessings Kim!

- Nathan Spriggs

Day 1 Lamik is a tried and true product with a lasting appeal. #LookLamik

- Charryse Johnson

Good luck

- Tamica Baldwin

Good luck! His bkess!

- Avril Alexis

Good Luck Luv 🥰!!

- My Krown Hair Kare


- Glenda Thomas

Love Lamik products

- Barbara Brown

Good Luck Kim! All the best!

- Ramonica Caldwell

Love and Success!!

- Tiy Jones

Best of luck LAMIK

- Jasmine Blackburn

You got this Kim - Stacy P.

- Anastasia Penright

Amazing brand!

- Mary Brye

Kim you inspire us all to be great! Thank you for your example and for leading with purpose!

- Crystal Victoria

Congratulations on your ongoing success. I pray that you continue to prosper in Jesus name.

- Kristen Fenrick

Simply Amazing. 🥰

- Drea' B Thompson

Kim was born to create LAMIK

- Nichole Johnson

Good luck Sis!

- Phillip Yates

It's the LAMIK for me! Keep winning Kim!

- Dameshia De Flora


- Jetara Robertson

Good Luck Kim! I absolutely love your mission. All the Best~Judith Dumorney-McDaniel, Spa Owner of A Man's Cave

- Judith Dumorney Mc Daniel

Congrats! Awesome job!

- Tracie Lee

You are a winner!!

- Tinesha Wilridge

We love you Kim and thank knyou for love you give to women all around the world.

- Sandra Wyckoff

You were Born a Winner

- Ju Ju Mc Neil

All You Do is Win

- Ju Ju Mc Neil

Winning! That is what you do and you are showing us how to Win

- Ju Ju Mc Neil

You are a champion for all women of color ❤

- Keisha Ervin

You rock sis!

- Keisha Ervin

To God be the Glory 😘

- Takia Scott

Good luck beautiful!

- Kelly P. Hodges


- Vee Bailey

Go Kim! Best Wishes!

- Bj Mathis

Congratulations Kim! I'm rooting for you!

- Franka Baly

Good luck Kim

- Linda Scott

Love your product, team, and leadership!

- Brooke Turner

Good luck Kim❤️

- Keirra Taylor

Good luck!

- Tionne Taylor

Good luck!

- Za’taeveya Courtney

I Love Lamik

- Barbara Brown

Thank you for all you do to beautify women inside and on the outside. Allie Bynum & Allison Paige

- Allie Bynum

Good luck Kim, proud of you!

- Cassandra Green

I Love Lamik

- Barbara Brown

Let's Go!!

- James Townsend

Beauty revealed! Love ya Kim!

- Shaunte Norris

Praying the best for you!!!

- Pj Jackson

All the best!

- Kimberly Bady

Congratulations Kim!!!!!

- Kamica Hampton

So proud of you Kim! Keep being phenomenally you! Rooting for LAMIK and you always!

- Christa Clarke

Good Luck

- Marilyn Moran

Good Luck

- Marilyn M


- Janice Workcuff


- Sonjia Pelton

Let's go Kim Roxie!

- Shana Lewis

- Shonte Williams


- Rashanna Barnes

Love you!

- Kim Bady

Houston Proud! #BigSis

- Deanna Laster

Good Luck

- Mar Ies Help Desk

Goodluck Kim

- Agatha Achindu

You inspire me! Love me some LAMIK ❤️

- Ashley Small

Good Luck

- Marilyn M

Brotha to the Sista! Do your thing, Queen Roxie!!!

- Preston James

Go get all that's yours, Beautiful!! May God have favor on you.

- Diatra James

Kim is amazing and her products rock!!!!

- Chylvia Comeaux


- Major Finley

Keep going! You are changing lives!

- Titus Moten

We love you Kim and LAMIK!!

- Ginger Baldwin

I stand with you love!!

- Latoya Bechet

Love you!

- Chris Noble

You've got this girl!!

- Marilyn Marie

Black Girl Magic! Lead the way for the next ones. The ones who will stand on our shoulders.

- Lynn Mackey

Get it Kim!!!

- Chanel Cathey

Continue to uplift young women

- Lequita Byrd


- Loretta Williams Gurnell


- Rae Johnson

Good Luck

- Bright Marie

Good luck Kim, love you girl!!!

- Chassidy Mitchell

Good Luck

- Madli Creative

Best wishes, Kim!

- Tammy Smithers

Onward and upward 💥 💄 🥰

- Insure Houston

Good luck, Kim!

- Monica Morales

Be blessed! You're Awesome!

- Filecha Lucas


- Lauren Alexander

You are definitely a trendsetter! Thanks for answering the need!🤗

- Leona Bishop

Wish you much success!!!

- Tiffany Robertson

Good luck Roxie!!!!!!

- Barbara Garza

Kim Roxie ROCKS!

- T Dorsey

The heart rejoices when “LOVE” is openly displayed. This is LAMIK! I’m truly grateful that God allowed our paths to cross and that I’m apart of your succession plan. All The Best, Debs/Shoe Fetage’

- Debbie Honore

You have my support Kim!!! 🙏🏾💚🕊

- Tammy Moten

Good Luck buddy 💖✨✨

- June Fuller

Kim is a force for good! Proud to support this strong and inspiring woman!

- Grace Rodriguez


- Arnesha Jackson

Go Kim!

- Wanda M. Reid


- Janice Pender

You’re already a winner!!!

- Kelley Samuel

This for you Boo! T.R.

- Rashanna Barnes

You got this!

- Sabrina Skelton

Keep Inspiring Us!

- Shantania Leggins

Congratulations Kim!

- Christal Jackson

For you! T.R.

- Rashanna Barnes

- Shonte Williams


- Rashanna Barnes

Love me some LAMIK!!!

- Dj Supastar


- Rashanna Barnes

Good luck Kim!

- Zawadi Bryant

For you! T.R

- Kody Barnes

For you! TR

- Rashanna Barnes

Good Luck Kim!

- Leslie Phillips