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Kaeess Nail Polish

Tekoa Savage

Meet the Founder

Tekoa Savage

Kaeess Nail Polish was developed to empower all to break boundaries through self-expression. Tekoa Savage, CEO & Founder of Kaeess Nail Polish, created this line to be diverse and empower those who are boxed in and want an outlet to express themselves through subtle yet bold color art. Whether you are a young professional or Van Gough in the making, Kaeess Nail Polish is more than a polish but a tool in your art kit to create your beautiful masterpiece. #BreakingBarriersColors Kaeess makes nail polishes for all shades of people and genders. Kaeess supports the LGBT community as well as any man who wants to enjoy polish. Kaeess focuses on the inclusivity for women of color. Tekoa K. Savage created Kaeess Nail Polish to continue her self-care routine that she enjoyed since she was a child. It was a true coping mechanism to uplift and motivate herself while in foster care. Yet as she got older, the smell from the nail polish was so potent that she began her research in nontoxic nail polishes to continue her self-care routine. She could never find the right one, either the polish did not last long or she could not find the colors that embodied her personality. She was also compelled to fill the gap in the beauty industry due to lack of representation. Thus, Kaeess Nail Polish was born. A line of artistic and bold color creations that is nontoxic and cruelty free

Go get'em!

- Victor Wang

YES!!!! We need non toxic nail polish

- Crystal Li

Amazing work, great idea and huge market!! Keep it up!

- Claire Travis

Congrats! Love your product, you should position it as a sustainable product.

- Nelly Gedeon

Fantastic job!

- Ope Bukola


- Janelle Richardson

Wish you much success! Health is wealth 🙂

- Baindu Kalokoh

Great pitch!

- Nadege Valcin

Dope! Love it!

- Simeon Coker

From one Savage to another cousin, lol.

- Chandra Savage

Great job on your pitch! You’re on your way to a million dollar company!

- Lorin Jones

This a awesome idea I’m a active nail polish consumer.

- Dayna Heckstall

Such a brilliant, disruptive product. Massive market. Loved it!

- Christopher Turner

Make sure you follow up with Black and Green

- Vanessa Siverls

Natural girl embracing polish. Don't forget to talk about the science behind toxicity. Build a team to get you out of the kitchen/lab. BGV Board Chair, Kristina Francis, suggested that I mentor you.

- Takeyah Young

I love this. I have been searching for this kind of product. I found one Black female owned non-toxic nail polish that sells online. I love to see more options. I'm impressed that you have $1K in MRR and you are bootstrapped and have no team. You have also used social media marketing effectively. Make sure to own this market to increase barriers to entry to competitors who will definitely try to take your idea and sell to this population.

- Keianna Dixon