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Healthy Nail Project Co.

Nicole Aandahl

Meet the Founder

Nicole Aandahl

The Healthy Nail Project helps nail biters transcend their habits and grow the nails of their dreams. Nicole founded the project after unlocking the code to conquering her own decades-long habit. Fed up with the negativity-driven conventional 'wisdom' on nail biting, she set off to disrupt the market. What started as a blog quickly evolved into self care programs and services to help nail biters and pickers learn to transform their habits and grow healthy nails. Based on proven methods of habit transformation and positive psychology integrated with clean nail care, we change habits through pampering and self love.

So proud to know you!

- As Jacobs

Wishing you great success in this venture!

- Dawn Aandahl

Not a nail biter, but I agree with the positive approach!

- Anita Campion

Love what you’re doing! 😊

- Anisa Bernstein

Grateful for you and your work! Celebrating Day 20 of no biting with confetti painted nails and my support for The Healthy Nail Project!

- Renee L

Congrats on building an amazing company!

- Whitney Osei Akintaju

Great job!

- Shelly Thunder