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Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner

Ymani Efunyale

Meet the Founder

Ymani Efunyale

A plant-based multi-surface cleaner that smells amazing and cleans like crazy!

It was great Pitching with you! Best Wishes on your future endeavors. Judith, A Man's Cave Spa

- Judith Dumorney Mc Daniel

Love the All Natural Product.

- Tamara Hill Bennett

I’m excited to see you grow. Great presentation!

- Tiara Durham

I love all naturals products. Can't wait to try

- Karen Mc Daniel

I'd love to brainstorm other local sales spots as the products sound great but I don't want to pay $7-8 to get a $10 product -- and you'd want me to spend that on you instead of shipping, right? Excellent pitch..

- Margaret Bradley