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Cubicles to Cocktails

Christa Clarke

Meet the Founder

Christa Clarke

Cubicles to Cocktails is a career development platform curating resources, tools, and events to advance the careers and celebrate the cultures of Black + Brown women. We are a community where young professional women of color who are usually "the Only" at work can find a supportive network of women like them and the resources to achieve their career goals. We help women of color successfully navigate the intersection of their gender and race/ethnicity as it relates to their professional lives through our curated events, community conversations, and a weekly newsletter rounding up fresh advice, smart reads, local happenings and recommendations.

Great job, Christa! You are an inspiration to so many women of color! Keep up the great work!

- Tiffani Love

Good luck, Christa! Thank you for creating spaces for us to shine and thrive! Cheers!

- Ashley Cash

Win it!

- John Owolabi

Im rooting for you. Keep up the great work.

- Elizabeth Smith

This process should have been easier

- Myra Clarke

Gooooooo Christa

- Vincent R Clarke

Can’t wait for you to win!! You deserve it!

- Erica Franklin

this process wasn't easy

- Robert Earl

Enjoy the process of becoming!

- Mighty Mo

Congrats Christa! Cheers to the future of Cubicles to Cocktails !😘🥂

- Liah Johnson

Ain't nothing to a boss

- Andre Kelly

So happy to sow a seed!!

- Kristie Norwood

Excellent pitch!

- Jemina Mac Harry

Congrats Christa! Beautiful pitch

- Chelsea Sharpe

All the best, Christa!!! You truly deserve this ❤️

- Delisa Somoye

Love Cubicles to Cocktails. Good Luck

- Temi Okotieuro

Awesome Pitch Christa! Good Luck!

- Jordan Hargroves

Best wishes, Christa!

- Gabbie Meyers

Hi Christa,

- Manasi Chaubal

Happy to Support

- Lynn Wilson


- Marnitha Horn

Hope you win!

- J H

I wish you success and happiness as you walk in your God given purpose!

- Joyce L Kelley

Phenomenal job Christa!! Lynn

- Andrea Mc Gary

Let’s go Sissss. Luv yah xoxoxo

- Miesha Daley

Wishing you success!

- Linda Matthews


- Dr.Cynthia Doby

Christa, you are an inspiration!

- Kate Docter

Wishing you much success in everything you do and will do! - The Melanated Bar

- Paula Delores

May God Bless you, Christa Clark. Linda Chase

- Linda Chase

Good Luck!

- Ameerah Saine

Congrats Christa, You ROCK!

- Mildred Davis

Go Christa, @Cubicles to Cocktails, You Rocking It!!!

- M Denise Clarke

Congratulations Christa!!!

- Aaron Smith

Many blessings to you all!

- Yakira Willis

Good Luck!

- Pamela Stallings


- Brittany Williams

Best of luck Christa. You got it.

- Bukola Owolabi

Good luck, Christa!

- Eydie Reiser

Christa is exceptionally creative & driven. W/ a little support everyone who knows Christa knows she will accomplish great things.

- Shaun Spinner

Hope this help you continue to build your community

- Chris Tennison

Get it Christa!

- Kalish Nesbitt

You are an inspiration! You got this!

- Courtney Robinson

Cheers to your success!

- Keiana Bradby

I am so proud of the work that Cubicles to Cocktails are doing. Keep it up!

- Emerald Dixon

Love the Cubicles to Cocktails mission. Good luck!

- Dominique James

Good luck!

- Tia Scott

Great Job Christa! Keep up the amazing work!

- Meliya Chappell

Christa, It’s yours!!! #claimit 🥂 cheers!

- Jasmene Hosea

Good luck! 💛

- Shonda Williams

Happy Belated Birthday! You deserve this!

- Tiffany Malone

We are so proud of you, Christa.

- Herbert Oliver

Go Christa!

- Mark Hoffman

Very excited for you! You’ve been working so hard and I’m beyond proud of you. Keep going!

- Jessica Chinyelu

Go Christa! We love you!

- Stephanie Ghoston

Good luck!

- Heather Davis

Good luck

- Tommy Hall

I had no idea how much meeting you last year would change my life and the way I look at business. SO thankful God had us cross paths and I can't wait to see what's next.

- Brieanna Lightfoot Smith

Congrats Christa!!! So proud of you and what you are doing for our community! 💕

- Chiblie Coleman

Believing in you.

- Caterina Harris Earl

Onward and inward in love and by creating spaces for women to grow, connect, collaborate, celebrate and just be.

- Misha Granado

Good Luck, many blessings to C.T.C.!

- Meek Jackson

Love what you are doing for our community! Can't wait to see you win!!!👏👏👏Maria

- Maria Puente


- Monique Shankle

Good luck Christa. Love the concept and your participation!

- Ron Atkins

Good luck!

- Sabrina Boyett

It’s yours in Jesus name!!!

- Tanika Price

Hey Christa You Got This - Dad

- Vincent Clarke

You got this Christa!

- Greta Brown

You got this!

- Alexis Brown

Love what Cubicles to Cocktails

- Bretah Menifee

Let's GO!!!

- Kimberly Penn

Christa! Awesome job on the pitch! So proud of you and I always love and support what you’re doing!

- Monica Lopez

So proud to be your friend and watch you build this community!

- David Gassko

I am proud of you -Brittany McCowan

- Brittany Mccowan

Best wishes!

- Felecia Carter

Going for the Win

- Sharon Towers

Go Christa!

- Michelle Jin

Proud of you Christa! -LUV Kian

- Kian Hervey

Let’s goooo!

- Martin Uwah

You got this!!!

- Jessica Edwards

All the best, Christa!!! - Francis

- Delisa Somoye

Love your pitch

- Sharon Towers

Best of Luck Christa.

- Zachary Teung

Take home the gold!

- Viva Barfield

Keep it up Christa. Love the cause and your mission. Goodluck!!

- Sarah Agara

Good Luck!

- Zach Clarence


- Zachary Jones

Congratulations and best of luck to you!!!!

- Betty Robinson

Wishing you the best of luck in everything you are doing.

- Christina Nguyen

Good luck Christa!

- Robin Edwards

Much love from Living Corporate!!!

- Zach Nunn

Good luck!

- Tiffanie Tribble

Go go go!

- Paula Clarke

Best wishes cousin ❤️

- Glenda Earl

Good luck! Hope you get it!

- Erin Watson

You got this Christa! We love you! Happy birthday from the M&Ms!

- Melissa Varon

Great Work!

- Josh Owolabi

Love you Christa! Thanks for the reminder 😘

- Alicia Dugar


- Mauricio Varon

We are rooting for you! - Elevate Your Pay

- Jackie Garcia

You go girl....

- Kim Carmen

So happy to see you pursuing your dreams!

- Lisa Carter West

Good luck! Nneka

- Nneka Cruz

oxxo GBW

- Geovanna Burgess White

Good Luck! Evey

- Evelyn Pollard

Go Christa! You were an outstanding performer in our 2020 HCC Business Plan Competition and we wish the best in this one! Kudos to Christa and to Kimberly Penn, Janice Jucker and Nini Gutierrez for empowering you in our competition and beyond. Way to build momentum raising funds to bring your evolving plan to fruition! Keep up the good work to make a better world for us all!, Best wishes from Sandra and all of us at HCC!

- Sandra Louvier

Christa you are doing something so wonderful and I am extremely proud of you!! Since we were kids, you were always outspoken and smart and that has translated so well into your adulthood.

- Dalisa Alsberry

Keep making a difference and changing the world.

- B Lynn Earl

Congrats Christa! You are Awesome and so Deserving! Keep Shinning Your Light and Blessing The World! You got this Sis! ~ Micah Moore

- Micah Moore

Best of luck Christa!

- Maia L Williams

Congrats, Christa on this fabulous endeavor. Continue to be an inspiration to women of color.

- Gayle Williams

Great pitch Christa! Keep up the good work.

- Meghan Rogers

Trust the process!

- Troy Glover

Great to support you!

- Valerie Battiest Danzy

What a great idea! Kate’s mom and dad

- Tom Reynolds

You are already a winner and an inspiration to so many!! Keep it going, Big Sis!!!

- Heather Bennett

Wishing you success!! ~ Lovely

- Rocquelle Porch

Keep winning in life!

- Dorothy M Clark

Congrats! 🎉 I’m already claiming a win for you.

- Lindsey Brooks

Get it girl!

- Ashley G. Cox

Congratulations and good luck!

- Derrick Little

Go Christa

- Marketa Brown

Great Pitch Christa. Wishing you all the best of luck with the competition.

- Aly Paige

You have changed so many lives through your events! You constantly inspire me to secure all the bags. We are rooting for you Christa!

- Morgan Wade


- Sarah Agboola

Chrisssssstttaaaa!!!! Congratulations on making it this far! You have done such a wonderful job of collaborating a much needed environment for all women to grow and continue to be heard! I am soo very proud of you and cannot wait to see what else is soon to come <3

- Kelechi Onyejiaka

Sending local Love! Thanks foe all you do! -Foelber Pottery

- Judy Adams

Good luck!!

- Carissa Malone

I’m so proud of you Christa! Sylvia Beckford (McK)

- Sylvia Beckford

Congratulations!!! I know you’ll win!!

- Clara Youngblood

I’m wishing you the best and much success Christa!!!!

- Na Keitha Ross

Best of luck!!! And congratulations on your continued success!

- Shonitria Anthony

All the best, Christa!! - Mr. & Mrs. Somoye

- Delisa Somoye

Go Christa!! Go!! So proud of you! Super deserving of this WIN!

- Sade Hill

I love what you are doing with Cubicles to Cocktails. Good Luck

- Natasha Goreal