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CPRWrap Inc

Felicia Jackson

Meet the Founder

Felicia Jackson

In 2002, while on an outing with my family, my 2-year-old son was the victim of a choking incident. I was trained in CPR but unable to render aid because I froze! Thankfully my husband was there and saved our son! That day put me on a path to invent a product that could empower, protect and guide any non-medical responder during emergencies. CPRWRAP is that product. CPRWrap has an attached one way valve mouth barrier, visual hand placements and simple CPR instructions right atop the wrap. At CPRWRAP we want to empower people to do the most basic, unselfish thing a person do...SAVE A LIFE.

Such an important product. Would love to see this in more first aid kits.

- Kristina Francis