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Blaq App

Maureen Martin

Meet the Founder

Maureen Martin

Blaq app is an S.O.S phone app and a social enterprise developed to keep BIPOC safe during life-threatening situations and to improve their overall quality of life and consumer experiences. The app is a free download. It is voice or manually activated and will send a notification to your circle of friends that you need help. It will list resources for your circle of friends to enlist in responding. This includes clergy, mental health worker, an activist, or journalist. it will also provide the phone number for the local precinct If it's a non-police related event. We have looked beyond safety and addressed issues related to the quality of life for BIPOC ... On our maps, are a combination of a virtual "green book", consumer reports, YELP, and "Glassdoor" providing BIPOC critical information that will help us live our BEST life as a BIPOC. We have listings of black-owned businesses. We have user-generated reviews of businesses and service providers that include retailers, hospitals, hotels, and schools. We also provide information from employees on working conditions within corporations and institutions. This is critical information that will help users spend their "black" dollars with knowledge and insight. For our allies, Blaq App provides racial de-escalation training and opportunities to work together to create safer communities and respectful consumer experiences with retailers, the hospitality industry, educational institutions, and the medical industry. BIPOC will know where they can be treated respectfully, ethically, and with integrity.  

Super inspiring and exciting app that can make a huge difference. Super excited.

- Ian Doyle

Maureen, you are brilliant!

- Samantha Bessudo Drucker

So thankful for the opportunity to watch this vision come to life!

- Mikelle Adgate

Phenomenal premise. Best of luck!

- David Bernal

What a powerful idea that can make a big difference. Inspired by you!

- Jen Barth

We're excited to support safety and connectedness.

- Eric Siegfried

Best wishes. Sia

- Siamanda Chege

So happy to be apart of this work.

- Chyna Hill


- Beatrice Caffe

Great work!!

- Stephanie Davis

Thanks for your service and keeping us safe!

- Nevin Golkap

Good luck!

- Delaina Dixon

you got this!

- Amber Arthur

Go Maur Go!

- Margaret Deiseach

Congrats! Karla from Tango <3

- Karla Padilla

Great idea, Maureen! We need more innovators like you!

- Héctor Ocampo

Your work is so inspiring can’t wait to see all the good it will do!

- Sarah Senderling

Best of luck

- Brian Doherty

Rooting for you Maureen!

- Christine Lee