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Brieanna Lightfoot Smith

ACTIVATE is an online platform for women of faith in business that combines networking, virtual learning and peer mentorship to create a powerful experience. Launched in the spring of 2020 by Black Girls with Purpose founder Brieanna Lightfoot Smith, ACTIVATE provides a safe space for women who are in the ideation stage of their business.

Really awesome work Brie!!

- Dammy Oshodi

Always so proud of your endeavors, Blessings to you!

- Graciously Pure Pure

Keep Shining, Brie!

- Arion Broussard

My Niece rocks

- Steven Daniels

Love you cousin!

- Ross Rhodes

The sky’s the limit with God directing your path!

- Cynthia Rhodes


- Mia Thomas

Praying for your success.

- Charlene Smith

Congratulations. Very proud of your accomplishments 👌🏾

- Reginald Gerald

Love you!!

- Ross Rhodes

You go girl❤🙏🥰🌹

- Lisa Sharp

This community is so vital for Black Women of Faith in Business! It has been a blessing to me! I pray for increase to expand the reach!

- Poshlyn Nicholson

May God continue to bless you in your endeavors.

- Tonette Crawford

My Cousin Rocks!!

- Melanie Chappell

Best Wishes Bre

- Dana Carter

You’re amazing Brie!

- Angela Flournoy

So happy for you Brie! May God continue to bless you!

- Dana Dates

Proud of you Brie! Love you!

- Juanita Willard

Brie’s a star!

- Anastacia Scott

Grateful to be able to support you!

- Lc Johnson


- Keith Walker


- Orlando Robinson


- Bobby Chancellor

We Done!

- Kenny De Cay

rooting for Brieanna !!

- Nneka Ichoku

Praying for your success! -Dr. Kimmy

- Kimberly Reynolds

You’re awesome Brie!

- Dezirae Armijo

Hey Brie! I'm soooo incredibly proud of you and the community you are building. Who would have known that our simple connection in Dallas would blossom into an amazing God-centered friendship that will also grow our businesses! Love you girlie!

- Christa Clarke

Brie! I’m so excited for you! Keep shining, rising and walking in Purpose!

- Jessica Chinyelu

Great pitch Brie! You will succeed no matter what! 💖

- Hapi Lightfoot