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Yasmin Mattox

Meet the Founder

Yasmin Mattox

Yasmin Mattox was elated to become a mother several years ago, but she was simultaneously disheartened, shell-shocked, and infuriated to find that the career she had worked so hard to build began to stall when she became a parent. And so, as a researcher by trade, she dug in, and began a rigorous investigation to understand the root causes of why career advancement seemingly becomes that much more complicated when one becomes a parent or caregiver. In short order, Yasmin founded Arkatecht, a company driven by the mission to create digital professional advancement tools that are tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of working parents, and which support working parents so they can plan, design, and build the lives they truly want to lead, thus becoming the arkatechts of their own lives. Arkatecht's first product is Atlast, a platform that matches working parents with professional development opportunities, and then automates the securing of childcare and associated logistics (via family, friends, and licensed, vetted childcare providers), so parents can more easily attend the opportunities known to facilitate career advancement.

Such a great cause!

- Victor Wang

Great job!!! Parents shouldn’t be punished in their careers for being a parent

- Crystal Li

Goid Luck

- Chandra Savage