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Amore Congelato

Thereasa Black

Meet the Founder

Thereasa Black

The first all- natural, agave nectar sweetened gelato and sorbet producer. Our sorbets are vegan, fat-free, and enhanced by hidden veggies. Our gelato is low-fat, gluten free, and contains 21 grams of protein per pint. Your taste buds will dance when they get a taste of our super premium products. With Amore Congelato, you're not cheating on your diet, it just tastes like you are. Our mission is to help people stay woke. Each of our pints has a stay woke fact about social injustice.


- James Nelson

Looking forward to trying your product. Good luck!

- Chrystal Farmer

Good luck!

- Jessika Agyepong

Look into 1863 Ventures once you reach $500k ARR and good luck!

- Logan Jackson

Keep going!! I love your why!

- Alycia Levels Moore

- B Michelle

Beautiful story!

- Lisa W

Fellow Sister in Service, I want to invest MORE into you as this resonates with me. (Your deployment story and your why) Feel free to email I want to help you; visuals, your slide presentation & getting you mass marketed.

- Kr Brown

Can’t wait to taste!

- Rakia Finley

I can’t wait to taste this!

- Leona Dunn