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Snuggly Mom

Alissa Curry

Meet the Founder

Alissa Curry

I’m a wife, mother of 3, and Army Veteran, but before I was any of those things, I was a daughter to my mother. Many people may be unable to relate to having children of their own, or with the decision to bottle or breast feed, but every one of us has a mom. My mom told me she used a blanket to cover me and my siblings when we were babies, but said it got difficult as we got older and pulled the blanket off. When I had my first son I tried using the nursing covers, but we got so hot underneath them and I always felt the large blankets and nursing covers attracted so much unwanted attention with the colorful designs. My son once batted the cover I was using out of the way and someone saw my breast as my son turned his head away from me and I was so embarrassed. My children hated being under the nursing covers because they were so curious and wanted to be able to see everything around them. Additionally, eye contact between a mother and her baby aids in the bonding between them and allows them both to feel more comfortable and relaxed. I tried to purchase clothing to make breastfeeding more simple, but found that it was really expensive to buy multiple clothing items specifically for the breastfeeding functionality. I felt the nursing clothing left me more exposed than necessary and thought it would make more sense to wear whatever I wanted with a shirt underneath that provided the coverage I desired to breastfeed confidently, no matter where I was or who was around whenever I had to feed my baby. This discreet product can help increase the duration that a mother will breastfeed and reach or even go beyond the 2 year breastfeeding minimum that is recommended by The World Health Organization the same way it helped me. I also hope this product helps to encourage more moms of color to breastfeed because we have the lowest breastfeeding rates of all other races. This product will help black mothers no longer feel the shame or embarrassment that often goes with breastfeeding in public. In turn, increased breastfeeding rates will help to decrease the infant mortality rate highly attributed to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) which is seen more frequently in African American babies than any other race. Babies born to black parents have the highest likelihood of death in infancy and experience more than double the amount of deaths found in white infants. Breastfeeding is highly recommended to decrease the chances of an infant dying from SIDS. Please help support this product getting into the hands of expectant mothers as well as those who are already breastfeeding. Thank you!

Great work!

- Gayla Robbins Mair

Keep pressing forward!

- Kristina Francis

Thank you! You are an inspiration!

- Monique Holland