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Meme (Mee-mee) Styles


Meet the Founder


Meme (mee-mee) Styles, is the President and Founder of the award-winning nonprofit MEASURE, a public education & advocacy organization that empowers people to use data to tell their own story. Mrs. Styles created MEASURE in 2015 to build trust and measurable progress between people and institutions that serve them. Today, MEASURE is building an ecosystem whereby advocates can share social justice research and data. The organization is responsible for mobilizing communities to address systemic disparities in health, economics, criminalization & education focusing on Black girls and people of color.

I appreciate the data and intent behind the CARE model- you are doing important work for the community!

- Kristina Francis

Great work!

- Gayla Robbins Mair

Great business idea. I see parallels to Thinx.

- Rashida Bobb

Thank you! You are an inspiration!

- Monique Holland