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Cater to Mom

Marsha Stephanson

Meet the Founder

Marsha Stephanson

Marsha Stephanson is the Founder/CEO of Cater To Mom and a modern-day mom of two children. She is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, a wife with a busy household to maintain, a degreed HR professional and an entrepreneur. Marsha celebrates motherhood, and her ordeal and recovery. Her deep-rooted desire to help moms by sharing her own journey became a passion. The passion became a burden to help others. Marsha’s inspiration to start Cater To Mom was born out of the reality that no mom should feel the hopelessness and helplessness that interfere with the miracle and joys of giving birth and the expectations of a successful life for her newborn. She immediately began her journey, innovating the process of raising awareness of postpartum depression and recovery resources, accentuating the benefits and sacrifices of breastfeeding, and most of all, promoting self-care through her beautifully designed monthly postpartum care boxes and informational workshops and events. Marsha adamantly believes that every mother needs regular, on-going information; mental, emotional, and spiritual support; proper rest and nourishment, and, most of all, compassionate companionship and encouragement. When mom’s needs are met, the whole family benefits.

Great job Marsha! I hope you get lots and lots and lots of donations!

- Jackie Dozier

I love what you are doing! Your box is so needed and has been a blessing to the friends I’ve gifted it to. I pray that you come out on top because you are servicing a demographic that has been under serviced forever! Good luck!

- Kamille Thomas

Great work!

- Gayla Robbins Mair

Thank you! You are an inspiration!

- Monique Holland

Thank you for your thoughtful curation of packages!

- Kristina Francis