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The Weekend Soiree

Imani Grant Mary Fuller

Meet the Founder

Imani Grant Mary Fuller

Created by Grant & M.Dot, two womxn who met while students at the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, The Weekend Soiree is a lifestyle company whose mission is to curate travel experiences for dope, Queer Womxn who are seeking physical, intellectual, and creative growth in a fun environment. Grant and MDot frequently traveled together to LGBTQ events around the country to maintain their friendship. They quickly discovered that many of the events over indexed on one dimension. In 2017, they decided to create something that included all the things they liked to do - from art, working out, and partying, to enrichment workshops, sipping wine and drinking beer. Each year, a different city will host The Weekend Soiree. As the host city changes, so will the Weekend itinerary in order to incorporate the characteristics of the new location.

Good luck today! Mat God bless all of your endeavors!

- Sophia Thompkins

Wishing you continued success Imani!

- Michelle Block

Great idea for under served community. Good luck.

- Melissa Tarver Prodanov

Oh yeah

- Lee Campbell

I completely love your idea of standing confidently and unapologetically in a space that not everyone is comfortable with. I LOVE IT and felt so represented. Also you kicked technologie’s ass!

- Kierra Powell

Wonderful presentation! Continue to work hard and know that your ambition has and will continue to pay off!!!

- Zekarias Solomon