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Spa Utopia, Inc.

Naya Powell

Meet the Founder

Naya Powell

Good luck today! Mat God bless all of your endeavors!

- Sophia Thompkins

Much Success!

- Queen Powell

Wonderful company and I can’t wait to watch how things expand. It’s not a lot, but I wanted to add what I can to the pot!

- Nalah Garcia Walker

Great job. Love it.

- Reginald Parker

Great job

- Lee Campbell

Great presentation!

- Jaspreet Collie

I love the scalability of your business. The way you carry yourself seems to be in perfect alignment with the regal vision for your brand. And it’s an inspiration to see such a confident black woman!

- Kierra Powell

Wonderful presentation! Continue to work hard and know that your ambition has and will continue to pay off!!!

- Zekarias Solomon