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Nede Resorts and Transitions Community Organization

Sophia Thompkins

Meet the Founder

Sophia Thompkins

Nede Resorts and Transitions Community Organization offers an opportunity for an individual or families to change their future by giving them the education, self-discipline, leadership, and responsibility within a New Urbanism Development Community designed to cater to their needs not offered in their current environment. “The mission of Nede Resorts and Transitions Community Organization is to acquire and use vacant and/or undeveloped land for sustainable living environments and educational centers for the homeless, victims of substance abuse, domestic violence, military veterans, and previously incarcerated individuals introduced back into society. 365 days at a time!” Donate Today!

My vote is for NEDE RESORTS

- Jessica Young

Now, I ain't rich....but I'll spend a lil bit

- Jessica Young

🤦🏾‍♀️ I accidentally donated on Renee’s account so I had to come here to vote!

- A. Legend

Wonderful presentation! Continue to work hard and know that your ambition has and will continue to pay off!!!

- Zekarias Solomon

You can do it. Dont give up

- Tavoya Conover

I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to be apart of this beautiful journey

- Tanesha Lowe

Fantastic and good luck you're in a tough market. Please email me.

- Justin Dawkins


- Lee Campbell

Your vision is breathtaking. The vision you articulated is exactly what I want to see for the city!

- Kierra Powell